Music and Political Inspiration

The song I am choosing is Late Night by Odesza. First, to provide some context about the creation of the song, I’ll explain what the reason was for the song’s creation. Odesza is an EDM duo from Seattle with multiple hit songs from the last few years. In 2014 they released their second album and then went dark. For three years they didn’t release any music. In 2017, they finally released two new songs as a teaser for their upcoming album, one of which was Late Night. Being a huge Odesza fan, I was extremely excited and I saw Late Night as a celebration of their return to creating music. When I listen to the song, I can’t help but feel happy and euphoric due to the summer vibes of the song. All I can think of when I hear the music is just going for a drive at sunset with my closest friends and feeling completely at peace, as if nothing else matters and all my problems aren’t as bad as they might seem otherwise. As far as looking towards the future, the euphoric feeling that the song creates makes me feel as if all the problems that seem impossible to solve today can be solved through just a little more sweat and hard work.

Late Night by Odesza

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