Music and Political Inspiration

For today’s blog post I decided to pick Black Tux, White Collar by ASAP Rocky. I chose this song for a few reasons, mainly because I admire Rocky and he’s been my favorite artist for years now. In the song he raps about how he’s changed from selling drugs as a kid to wearing tuxes and become successful, he also acknowledges jalousie and race. He raps: “Fuck police cause he probably wanna arrest me. Fuck the prison system, this injustice was ingestive. All black tuxes got the white collars jealous like, all my role models either dead or in the pen.” I listened to this song first time ever last night since it was a part of his newest album. Just as suggested I freed up my mind for inspiration and I let go of my tasks and stressors. In this song, ASAP Rocky protest the police and the prison system for its injustice to black males. He raps how all his role models are either dead or in prison, and I believe this is partly due to the injustice. He also raps about how the police probably want to arrest him because of jealousy, “All black tuxes, got the white collars jealous like.” Listening to this song I couldn’t understand why things like this are still happening. This makes me wish for a better future.


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