Music and Political Inspiration

Very few times we hear songs that contain political issues, social movements, or government activities in the mainstream media. I chose the song Glory from John Legend ft. Common because its lyrics touch my heart, I closed my eyes and carefully listened to the message that it was transmitting. I noticed many political events that took place in history and others that are still present today.

Glory was released in 2015, a time in which groups marched to protest the violence from public authorities (social control). Black lives matter movement was highly active and the purpose of this song was to connect with the activities and victims from moral support. “Resistance is us/ That’s why Rosa sat on the bus/ That’s why we walk through Ferguson with our hands up”, this phrase gives the audience a small history of how strong we have been with dealing through tough situations in response to the American government. The power of this song was illustrated in the film Selma, which explains the history of civil rights and it’s influential figures like Martin Luther King. Glory had a great impact to thousands of people through the lyrics itself but also with some collaboration from Selma due to the various scenes that support the claim of the song like police shootings.

Reflecting on this song is very difficult because I cried many times from hearing a lot of different stories of victims that unfortunately experienced the abuse of power from police. I know that not all police should be portrayed under this category because most of them work hard to provide us safety giving up their life. I want to clear out that I don’t have a negative perspective towards all police but only to those who take advantage of the people that are known to have a lack of power in society. I hope society reflects on the stereotypes that is applied to police and understand the difference between them to not label them in a negative way all in a group.

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