Music, Past & Future

For my song I chose something that my dad talked to me about and how it has importance to my family. I chose the theme song for the TV show Twin Peaks which is set here in Washington, what’s is interesting about this song is the history it has in my family. When my dad first started dating my mom in Guatemala he told me he would go over to her house when he was around 15-17 and just hang out. My parents always fantasized about a better future for themselves and they loved watching American shows even though back then there were no subtitles and they didn’t know English at all, but their desire outweighed their confusion. The one show that they always found themselves watching together and never missing was Twin Peaks. Every Sunday night my dad said, never once missed it. They fell in love with the scenery and location of Washington that was depicted in the show, they had no idea where Washington was located in the U.S or anything like that. The cray part is when they had the chance to migrate to the states 10 years later they ended up here in Washington. The irony is absolutely insane and crazy how life works. They had no idea or plan to follow the show and they felt honored when they learned that they lived 10 minutes away from some of the locations used for shooting the show.

To me this really does inspire me and help me realize that life is crazy, unpredictable, but in the end it all works out. Well at least you hope it works out and you do your best that you possibly can, which is what I envisioned when sitting down and listening to this song and trying to imagine and predict what the future might hold. I believe at some point we as human beings will be able to do the best we possibly can to help ensure a much better environment that benefits not only us but the Earth as a whole. At least this is what I get from listening to this theme song that is embedded with my parents’ history. I never finished watching the show which is a shame. Maybe one day. I’m not a big TV show guy…

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