Music and Political Inspiration


The music I selected is classical. It is named “prelude, op. 28, NO.4” by Frederic Chopin. Frederic Chopin was a pianist, he wrote down this piece of work when he was 29 years old. Between 1835 and 1839, Chopin was in Valldemossa, Majorca, and he had completed the preludes and carefully prepared for its publication. In his prelude, there are many specific ideas, emotions, and values being conveyed. Chopin skillfully used each major key and a minor key to communicate his thoughts, values, and ideas. It is hard for me to understand what emotions and ideas that Chopin really wanted to express. Maybe the emotions and ideas are connected to the culture in Valldemossa, Majorca, or maybe he kept his original style when he created it.
This song makes me feel insistence, independence, and innovation. Firstly, the music sounds very soft but you can hear strong tones in it. I think the soft rhythm let me think about if you want insistently to achieve a goal then it might take you a period of time to achieve it. Then, the strong tone means you need to do little things every day, so you can eventually achieve your goal. Secondly, the reason why the music lets me feel independence is because only an independent person, like Chopin, could create fabulous music just like this one. Lastly, technically speaking, even though I don’t know too much about music but how he organized different majors and minors in his preludes is innovation because he used his creativity to change the style that many musicians had already established.
The music impacts my behavior in my life because if we want to create a piece of amazing work like Chopin’s music, then we might need to think more about how he created it, and where he got his inspiration from.

Artist: Frédéric Chopin

The year the piece of music was created: between 1835 and 1839

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