Music and political inspiration

The song that I chose to use for this weeks blog post is by a West African artist, Habib Kotie. I used his song “Africa” because although I cant understand what he’s saying, one of my best friends can. She explained the song as talking about how beautiful the land is that he grew up on. I thought this would be a good song to post because I wanted to have a song that wasn’t in the United States. The climate crisis is something isn’t just our problem. It’s the worlds problem. We as a species have gotten into this mess, its our responsibility to take care of it. Although, I do understand that the U.S. has a big hand in getting us where we are. Its not fair but if human kind wishes to continue living, other nations will more then likely have to help with picking up the tab of reinsuring the world back to health.

This song is one of my favorite songs ever. It shows appreciation to the land that he grew up in. Something that I think we should all do more often. maybe if we did that, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Overall I think it is incredibly important to not feel alone when it comes to helping the world. Here in America, there isn’t that much emphasis on saving the planet. However, my friend Jamie Pierson took a trip to Scotland last we and was astonished at how environmentally continues they were. He said it was one of the highlights of the whole trip. He talked a lot about how many incentives there were to have an electric car and to be environmentally conscious. It was eye opening to have him talk about his. In many ways, it made me not feel alone with this.

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