Just a chat with my dad

I decided to talk to my father and his fiancee about our engagement with the climate crisis. I Chose to talk to them well because they were in the room next to me when I read this assignment and I wasn’t really sure who else i should talk to. I didn’t really go in this “interview” with any planned questions or anything, I figured i have good conversations with them about these topics all the time and my favorite podcasts are ones where people are having relaxed conversations where you can tell they re comfortable. But i selected a random 3 minute snippet of our conversation in which we are talking about our diets and our transition to a plant based diet. While I’m not sure I would refer to them or myself as activists, all of us have made changes in our life to address this issue. But as my Dad was saying we are all advocates for making the switch to a plant based diet in that we try to educate those around us on the effects of the agriculture industry on our planet, as well as the benefits of a plant based diet. I mean most of my inspiration in switching to planet based diet came from having conversations like this one. I think the move that my father and his fiancee made to a plant based diet is 100% necessary, which i think is made pretty clear in the fact that I followed their lead.

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