Talk to Someone Engaged

I had a pretty hard time trying to figure out who I was going to interview. When I talked to my mom about it she told me about her friend. Van Vo her best friend has a huge garden in the backyard where she uses zero chemicals. She goes out every night at 2am to kill snails that are on her plants and vegetables! I can’t imagine how much dedication and time she puts into her garden. Her vegetables when they grow too much she harvests them and share them with her neighbors and friends rather than let them rot. She also composts in her garden she collects all she can from her friends houses and digs a hole in her garden and uses the dirt later for her plants. She along with composting recycles. Her fruits and vegetables also last longer because they aren’t coming from a garden that is from another state miles away. It also saves her a lot of money and gas because she doesn’t have to drive to the grocery store for vegetables as often when she grows them at home.

Outside of her garden she also makes it a choice to use glass cups and reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones. After hearing about the chemicals in plastic water bottles that get released into the water she immediately stopped buying them all together. When she goes grocery shopping she usually brings her reusable bags with her, but when she forgets she keeps the plastic bags and reuses them as trash bags and for carrying her vegetables to her friend’s houses.

I learned that having a chemical free garden is takes a lot of maintenance and dedication. But it pays off in the long run because you know that everything you are eating is fresh and doesn’t have nasty chemicals in them.

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