For this weeks blog post, we were asked to speak to someone who is engaged.

We are left to interpret this how we see fit.

For this weeks post, I spoke to John de Graaf.  Mr. de Graaf traveled to the BC campus back on April 26thas he showed us a sneak peak of his latest documentary “Redefining Prosperity: The Gold Rushes of Nevada City.

After the class was over I spoke to Mr. de Graaf about interviewing for my Podcast and he agreed to do this.

After my Podcast interview with Mr. de Graaf was over, I chose a few questions from this week’s readings in Active Hope to ask him to place in the blog this week.

Mr. de Graaf is an environmental documentarian who has written 4 books and has produced 42 documentaries as well as dozens of short news stories and films.

His passion started when he would go hiking with his father and once his father allowed him to, go out backpacking with friends.  He was involved with the climate crisis early on as he was involved with the first Earth Day back in 1970.

I chose him to interview as his documentary he presented to us hit home for me and I felt he truly cares about the environment and is truly trying to make a difference and open people’s eyes to what is going on in this world.  He is very passionate about what he does, and it shows in his work.

I feel that his work definitely helps society, I wish his films were seen more broadly.  He has made now 42 films, and this is honestly the first time I have heard of him.

In our interview, I could see his passion for what he does as well as his frustration, mainly at the United States Government (Mainly Republicans) in their seemingly unwillingness to cooperate with client scientists and choose the side of the polluters as they lobby the Republicans to cut emission standards.  It also frustrates him that they appear to be on the fringe of shutting down the EPA.




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