Being Engaged and I didn’t even know it.

I want to start off just by saying how crazy and unexpected and surprisingly convenient life is at times. I spent all weekend and up until Wednesday thinking of who exactly to talk to that is anywhere close to being engaged because I really didn’t think I had anyone that could fit the bill. I had lunch on Wednesday with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in a couple months, I mentioned this project and what the class was for and sure enough he had just taken a class at his school and considered himself pure now and his “eyes opened” with the crisis and just how incredibly sad it is.

To be quite frank I have always been a little quiet around people in public when it comes to talking about this subject because even when talking with people they seem to care but they don’t seem to really want to pay attention or attempt to change the subject as fast as possible. My friend who I had lunch with, Daniel Brinkman, really changed my opinion on this because he was the last person who I thought would truly give a shit about any of this so I knew I had to ask him some questions. He has always been kind of an apologetic idiot to put it mildly, I don’t mean that in a bad way either. Whenever I bring him up to other people I mention the fact that stupidity and weirdness gets increased by at least 10% whenever he’s around haha. It really struck me as surprising when he told me he’s pretty serious about this issue and that he’s pursuing ways in being able to help out when it comes to anything involving the crisis. He mentioned how he’s hoping to volunteer at a couple places here locally during the summer that help with keeping the environment in tact, in particular the CELP organization he wants to be a part of as they help maintain the integrity of our local streams and rivers.

This is incredibly important and useful as here in Washington our water resources play such a vital part in the environment and the constant destruction is there. I think the biggest takeaway both of us had from our get together was just being able to talk, and be serious and not shy about issues like this. Like I said the last person I thought to be helpful on this subject turned out to be doing more than I have done and more than I thought he’d be capable of. Truly crazy the surprises life throws at you. Needless to say I will be looking more into the volunteer work he’s going after because now I want to try to get involved on a bigger level.


The audio got a little messed up from when we were face to face so I had to get him to re record his responses by himself but I basically asked him, What do you actively do? What do you think about it? Where do you go from here? You can hear the awkwardness in his voice…

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