Engaged to nature

Be nice to the earth is equally be nice to our wallet, so a lot of people are trying to be nice to the earth even though they are not intentioned. This is what I thought while I was looking for someone who engaged with nature. I could find couples of people who are interested in nature and try to do something to the earth, but they are not as interested as being an activist. For example, they are trying not to waste water while they use the bathroom, bring their own water bottle, and riding a bike instead of a car, but that’s it. They don’t discuss and share their challenge with other people. However, finally, I found a student who work for the environment actively. Her name is Mina, and she is majoring in Forestry. She became interested in the environment when she understood how serious the current environmental problems were. Seattle, Bellevue, and Redmond are beautiful natural areas. While I talked to her, I assumed that people who miss nature are people who have been related to nature, for example, they played and ran around parks and yards. She said it is pretty tough to regain nature, and also she is really interested in climate enough to go to a conference about the environment, but most of her friends do not pay attention that much about it. Surprisingly, she never thought about her work is useless because she believes it’s better than nothing.

As she mentioned during the interview, Bellevue College has a garden club which has meetings at the behind of cafeteria on Tuesdays from 15:30! You can meet a lot of students who are environmentally friendly and learn how to grow vegetables and plants.

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