Spock…Its What I Call My Dad

For this blog, I talked to my dad. He’s a pretty smart guy. He reads a shit ton…like he listens to The Economist every chance he gets and listens to audio books too. He’s like chief economist and risk manager at his job or something fancy and economical. He recently showed interest in shifting to a more plant based diet as well, and said that his primary reason, aside from health was environmental. So I figure he qualifies as being engaged.

I decided to ask my dad some of the questions mentioned in the blog prompt:

How are you engaged with the environmental crisis?

Do you think that what you are doing is helpful and necessary?

Is there anything that you do in your life that you think is harmful?

How do you deal with the difficult elements of being engaged?
Before we recorded the audio, we had a bit of a conversation. I started with the basic questions, but then once I made it through the final question, I asked him “Do you know what the answer is?” and he laughed and responded with “Is this actually one of the questions?”
“No, its not, but I’m still curious…”
So what he said was there are kind of two levels to the answer. Asking “what needs to be done?” has an easy answer; obviously there are significant measures that hypothetically should be taken. The hard question is “how do we do this?” because there are very real consequence to an enormous amount of people, and thats what makes this hard. Knowing that there are things to be done, but not doing them because they seem to be systematically impossible.

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