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The environmental crisis is a huge issue and many people have contributed to its slow recovery.  Some people may benefit from hearing about what others do to help this epidemic our society faces.  One of the people I ended up talking to about this was actually my own father.  In general he has not cared about the environment but over time he has slowly shifted to a much greener mindset on how he can help the environment not only with his own personal values but show others there are better ways to do things that may impact our global crisis less.

There are many people I had talked to about the global crisis we face but some of my dad’s thoughts really stood out to me because he works in a very big company that has shifted their mindset and in doing so it has in my opinion shaped his environmental thoughts as well.  One thing that I found very unique was his position at his company is high enough so he is able to see much of what his company does to help the environment in very unique ways.

I ended up learned quite a bit about how environmentally conscious some of these big companies are and how much it helps them not only in the public’s view of them but also in saving money.  In my assessment of their activity I really do think some of these companies originally do these things to save face using Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  Without going too much in depth corporate social responsibility is what companies do to take responsibility and action too help environmental and social well being.  It makes a company look really good especially when they say the are doing it.  It is like stating you are donating a percentage of money earned to charity or things like that.  Even if in my assessment I think these companies do it for semi selfish reasons I believe that to an extent it may not be completely selfish because their are ways for companies to make money without this.  If the intent is just for publicity it still isn’t a bad thing that they are doing so in the end I think we should keep pushing for this if it changes the way we do things.  The difficult ways of being involved in the global crisis are it could lead to challenges faced like taking longer to get to work or maybe it would cost a lot of money to start working on.  In the end I really do think what they are doing is helpful and hopefully these companies continue in this direction even if it is for selfish reasons to being with at least they are making a difference one person at a time.

(Work wasn’t disclosed because it is a very large company and he doesn’t want to speak on their behalf)

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