Small Efforts and Advocation


I talked to my great great housemate who studies Public Health in the graduate program at the University of Washington and also teaches classes as a student assistant. We live in the same house but live on different floors so we don’t see each other oftentimes, we very much enjoyed our for-awhile conversation. I posted the audio of a part of our conversation here!

As you can see from her background, I knew she is very aware of the importance of the environmental health and also she likes gardening a lot, so this time I could dig into what she actually does on a daily basis for conserving the environment and her work for advocation of the environmental justice and human rights. Those are the things that I’ve actually never heard from her in our light conversations before so knowing what she does as an enlightened, educated individual about the environment and human health brought me a new insight on what I could do as an individual. I felt empowered by her.

While she emphasized on making small efforts like caring about the use of lights and water, the way of shopping for the climate change concerns, she has been contacting politicians to influence policies and legislation which surprised me. I am getting a sense of political work in the climate change through this class, my understanding is that advocation is the way that we, a group of people, can take to influence environmental policies which make great impacts on human activities to the ecology in this world Business As Usual. Not only that, she also claims the environmental health is greatly connected to the civil rights movement. Yes, I totally agree with it. Transforming that dilemma would take a long time but advocation and mass movements can do with our visions, said in Active Hope.

To me, knowing bad things on the environment, human justice, and all other social and human problems sometimes paralyzes my actions and motivations, so knowing how to actually take actions and tackle the problems effectively is important to fight for such a big challenge. Those information can be given by people who are close to you, rather than people who you only know in media.

I’m glad to have the opportunity to talk to her!

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