Engagement in the Climate Movement

This audio clip is of my friend, Vanessa talking about her experience working with green teams on the UW Seattle campus. I thought that Vanessa would be a good person to interview for this week’s blog post because she is an inspiration of mine in the environmental movement. We have worked on many projects surrounding the environment together and her determination and passion for the subject has always been huge inspiration to me. One of the things that Vanessa did not mention in the interview, because she may not even realize that she is doing it, but because she is kind and encouraging to those around her who may not be on the same level of sustainability that she is. She understands that not everyone notices things like where their garbage should be sorted, and she helps people understand the impact of their actions and helps them understand how to properly do these things in a helpful and non-condescending way.

I definitely think that what Vanessa is currently doing is helpful and necessary, she is working to get people involved and caring about the environmental movement. I think that education of the issues and understanding what individuals a large part of the battle into can be getting people caring about the environment. Once people realize how simple it is to make a positive impact, like by reducing land fill waste, they will see how easy and important these things are and they will continue to think it’s important, getting them to care about the issues more and then they might push for more environmental protection from the government and from others in power.

The image I chose is one of Vanessa at the end of a hike we did, I think it was Mailbox Peak, but I can’t remember for sure which hike it was.

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