Talking to Someone Engaged

I decided to talk with my sister, who is primarily engaged with the environmental crisis as a consumer. She tries to primarily buy products that are environmentally-safe and does a lot of research regarding in order to find out what is or isn’t. One specific example, which is included in the conversation we had, is how she managed to convince our parents—who don’t really give a damn about the environment—to switch from fossil-fuel based vehicles to electric cars. The most interesting thing about this, to me, is that in order to do so, she had to try to convince them by talking about the economic benefits of having an electric car rather than the environmental benefits. I think this is mirrors what the environmental crisis is like on a larger scale. Corporations have a chance to make a lot of profits through the environmental movement yet many of them are simply viewing it from the perspective that being environmentally-friendly is going to harm profits in the short-run.

During the conversation, I found it interesting to see how it’s possible to try to make a difference as a consumer. She specifically talked about how buying an electric car could influence other people to also do so due to having more exposure to them on the roads. If more people were aware of what exactly they could do to help, even without doing something like becoming an activist, they’d probably be much more open to actually doing something about the crisis. I feel that what my sister is doing is definitely helpful, albeit on a small scale, since a lot of the problems revolving around the environment are due to there not being enough consumer demand for green products; if, as a consumer, you actively try to purchase these products, the market will gradually become more willing to invest in them.


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