Talking to Someone Engaged

Engagement for the environmental crisis has been part of the American culture for a long period of time, however, it’s rarely part of the individual lifestyle. Specifically, in the environment, engagement is defined as the commitment protect nature and all of its creatures while allowing it to be part of your lifestyle and everyday motivation. Fighting for the planet and feeling the satisfaction to do so with all possible resources.

Speaking with someone engaged in the environment was a challenge to me because I didn’t have the social network of engaged individuals in the environmental justice but it was worth taking the time to seek for someone that has the passion to protect the place that has maintained us alive. I had the great fortune to interview Karen Bosshart, a BC coordinator in the Office of Sustainability, and she gave me the opportunity to view her perspective and motivation in working for a cleaner and pure environment.

She is currently fighting for the planet in many ways like being part of the Sustainability Office at Bellevue College, Pacific Marine Research’s Marine Science Afloat Program, and the Seattle Aquarium. She is fully motivated to pass this enjoyable committee to new generations and with the main goal of overcoming climate change issues that have largely come from human activities for several decades. I learned many useful methods to start working for a stronger fight for the planet such as volunteering in different organizations that are in need of committed individuals like Beacon Hill Food Forest and Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery. I’m a high school student and I need to complete my community service hours for which I’ve decided to volunteer in these organizations for the summer. I will be more than pleased start my journey with them and provide the community a fresh and cleaner food service to expand our fight for the planet.


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