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Michelle Sturdevant, a social worker with a life time of activism behind her. In our interview, Sturdevant talks about how her work started in the mid to late 80’s. Growing up in Spokane WA, she was surrounded by nature and has always felt a deep connection  to the out doors. At a very young age, Michelle was engaged with hiking on a regular basis, as well as being admit about recycling in the house she grew up in. Keep in mind, this was before recycling had become a part of popular culture. In our interview, Sturdevant goes on to talk about the work she did with rebuilding hiking trails from 1987 to 1989. She went on to say that even though there was a part that was for hikers, but for her, it was really about keeping nature in tact. This was something that took up at lot of Michelle’s time. She balanced this on top of being a full time student. Though out her life, fighting to help the planet always a massive priority for her.

In 1992, Michelle joined a call center. Being on the phone with people for hours on end to spread awareness, as well as encourage people to call state legislators about tightening regulations for a nuclear power plant that had just gone up in her area. She has also done numerous marches as well as give countless contributions to saving the environment. To this day, Michelle remains active in reducing her carbon footprint on a daily basis. Even as recently as a few weeks ago she called her local state legislator about regulations with pipe lines being loosened. Despite a lifetime of activism, in our interview Michelle confessed she feels like the work that she has done is nowhere close to enough. She said with a very heavy voice after our interview “it will never be enough.”






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