Talk to Someone Engaged

On Wednesday, May 31st, 2018, I had a conversation with my friend whose name is Dinh, and he was a volunteer in an organization that requires members to go outside and pick up trash on the ground.

Dinh and I met in our sociology class. At first, I didn’t know he participated in an environmental protection organization. Then, one day when we were talking about a game, he told me one of his secrets was to protect our planet, and he told me what he did for this mission was to pick up trash on the ground. Basically, after he joined the organization, he had to go to a specific place and picked up trash on the ground until two little buckets were filled up. He did this activity two times a week, 2 weeks a month. When I heard this, I was surprised because I couldn’t believe one of my friends was protecting our planet, and I think I learned a lot from my interaction. I learned if I want to fight for our planet, I don’t have to do something big. Just like dinh, I can just pick up trash on the ground and throw it to the rubbish bin.

In my point of view, I think Dinh’s action was an engagement of fighting for our planet, because like he says in the audio if no one picks up trash on the ground, then there would be much more trash on the ground. Furthermore, fighting for our planet isn’t an easy task because Dinh told me when he was picking trash on the ground, people were giving him a strange look, and sometimes he even gave up his leisure time so that he could participate in this activity. I think what he was doing, and his organization is still doing are helpful and necessary for our planet because how they engaged with the environmental crisis helps our world to have less trash on the ground.

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