Blog Post 9: Being Engaged

I spoke with Elisabeth Berger, my sister. She is a student activist who helps coordinate and direct student events at her school that help with community conservation and protection efforts. She also works at Tiny Treks, an outdoor preschool and summer camp program that seeks to immerse children in nature and foster an early sense of appreciation for the environment in them. The most noteworthy thing I gathered from our interaction was her passion and frustration that she feels when fighting for the planet. Though she is still in school, she focuses on promoting awareness and getting fellow students engaged. While her impact is certainly limited by her lack of resources, she nonetheless acts to the best of her ability. As she mentioned in our discussion, parks form a critical access point for people living in urban environments. As such, ensuring that nature retains relevance and value to these people is the key to ensuring that they will seek to protect the environment in kind. I think it is one of the most worthwhile things you can do. It is not going to boil down to any single person’s effort to ensure that we succeed in our struggle – it will be the aggregate efforts of all people that will result in meaningful change for us.

Elisabeth explained that her perseverance and determination are fueled by a sense of grim determination. To her, being engaged in the fight is the only viable option. Not fighting only guarantees loss in our struggle. Standing up and fighting is the only chance at survival – as such, if nothing else, a defiant chance at beating looming inevitability is a core ideal of being and staying engaged for her.

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