Talk to Someone Engaged


For this week’s Blog assignment, I decided to talk with one of my friend – Richard, who is older than me and has taken political science class before. Honestly, this is very inspirited to talked about environmental crisis with him. Richard shared his ideas and opinions about environmental crisis. Moreover, we have been talked about the solutions and specific plans based on this topic as well. For example, he mentioned several major points: 1, People should have their own thoughts of environmental crisis instead of follow the others’s words without thinking, also we have to stop these environment issues by stop produce that much CO2 into the ocean and air, otherwise we will destroy all of it. According to him: “We solved these problems by cutting back fuel emissions, stopping the destruction of endangered environments and finding ways to both cut back on pollution and clean up the trash that can’t be broken down in nature,” Stop producing CO2 is very necessary for people to do now. On the other hand, from my view, I believe people should start looking for long term instead of focusing on short economic beneficial. Even though economic are also important to us as well. In this case, we both agree that people should stop put economic profits over our environment. After this conversation, I feel like I have learned a lot from him, especially about the specific plans for environment.

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