Talk to Someone Engaged – Laurel

For this interview, I chose to interview my boyfriend Joshua Swift.

Josh is one of the most engaged people I have ever met – being active in knowing the political movements happening in our community and planet, doing his best at reducing his own carbon footprint, and being an advocate for Indigenous Tribes.  He recently published an outstanding piece of work for The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology titled  “Telling and Reclaiming Untold Stories: A Mixed Experience” concerning the experience of lost culture and identity in a white America.  This paper should be shared soon on the school’s website and library.

This interview was impactful for me, in just knowing that someone is actively thinking, adjusting, and being vocal on situations happening around us.  I do believe that Josh’s impact is good, and like he said in his interview – I believe that it is more than just one individual contribution, and the action of inviting others to join in on being engaged and active in the political and environmental movement is necessary for larger impact.

Staying engaged through social media (from a variety of sources!), seeking perspectives from peers, and doing research all aid to staying active in this climate.

Overall, this interview wasn’t new to me, since I know Josh’s stance on issues and his actions.  But I do find his concern and activism inspiring and admirable in his every day life.


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