Take a Walk and Honor Your Pain

There were many things from what this weeks blog post was supposed to be about that resonated with me.  One of the big reasons that the reading resonated so strongly with me was because of how I grew up.  I grew up believing that the global crisis was a myth from a very conservative household.  I was told constantly that global warming and other issues were okay to be mindful of but that I shouldn’t concern myself with those issues that aren’t realistic.  This shaped my mind to not concern myself with environmental issues besides recycling here and there.  Throughout these last few years I educated myself more about the environmental crisis and that is why this reading has resonated so much with me.  I had been one of the people who didn’t believe in the environmental crisis so I didn’t even bother to try to understand it.

Today as I walked down a trail in the woods near Issaquah High school it didn’t phase me to begin with.  As I strolled down the trail pondering nature and what it is to be alive it really struck me.  I really did feel small and kind of unnoticed in the grand scheme of things.  I have never had to deal with the emotional toll it takes when thinking of the environment as such a fading beautiful thing.  I won’t lie and say I have found a good way of coping with the stress induced by the effect of society on the environment but I can say it has been affecting me more than it has at any other point in my life.

I think a few ways that could help me in my toil with emotions over environmental issues could be just taking a walk in nature.  I could even long board or maybe even write poetry which is something I have wanted to try and dabble in for awhile now.  Another strange thing that I noticed during my walk was how much I cared about it and what I wanted to do to help the environment prosper even just a little bit more.  It is very beautiful and if I have to drive many miles outside of the city to visit a park with a real forest, I would hate that so much.  I love the color nature brings to industrial life because even in this fast paced environment there is still some slow moving thriving Eco system that brings so many vibrant greens, yellows, reds, and many other colors.  This is why during this blog post I had a mix of emotions when walking outside in nature for a little bit.


The audio I posted was a baby laughing which represents when I look at the whole picture, this moment in time is so small in comparison with things we may have to deal with in the future it’s almost kind of funny.  Humanity is resilient so I believe we can conquer this.

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