Future Environmental Goals

When I think of setting goals for myself to help the environment, I immediately think of the huge things. Actions like personally going to protests or blocking off pipelines, etc.. However, although I understand the importance of the fight for the environment and want to participate, I wouldn’t consider myself a harcore activist. For this reason, I don’t see myself doing any of those big things. I do, however, want to focus on the little things we’ve talked about in class. Although I understand the gap between doing little things at home and not going too far out of my way to them, and actually protesting or putting myself in possible danger to stop further environmental destruction, I do believe that even the little things help in some way. When I think about these little things, the actions that come to mind are weighing gas mileage heavily when choosing a car so that I use less gas, putting a large focus on composting and using that compost in a garden to reduce the trash I create, and taking very short showers/turning off the water when I brush my teeth. That last thing is not only better for the environment, it also saves money. But although I know that these goals have a much smaller positive impact on the environment, they’re still positive actions and these are the goals I plan to accomplish.

How to start your own compost

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