My Goals for the future

My goals:

-Recycle better

-*volunteer more

-Eat organic/don’t support companies that harm the environment.

-*Be involved with educating my friends/family about climate change.

-*Take faster showers/conserve water

-Be a wiser consumer

-*Ride the bus/ commute when I can

-Sign things like Initiative 1631

Above, I have listed goals that will make me more engaged. The first one I want to talk about is my goal to volunteer more. When I volunteered with Green Redmond and Green Seattle for Monkey Bucks, I expected each experience to be a necessary chore for 2% of my grade… But I actually had a lot of fun! I really enjoyed going out and feeling like I was doing something worthwhile. With the projects both organizations were working on, it was very easy to see distinct progress after a few hours of work. Now that I know how easy it is to sign up, I’m more likely to participate in more events like this and be engaged in this way.

The next starred item on the list is my goal to be involved in spreading the work about climate change. It is easy to take a class, then forget everything of importance once the quarter I over. I want to remain aware of the environmental crisis after this quarter ends and make it a topic of discussion among my family and friends so that we can do something to help the planet.

I also set the goal of taking faster showers. I tend to waste a lot of water when the day has been long and I just want to relax, but a watching TV or taking a nap would be more environmentally conscious than wasting tons of water. And I’d feel less guilty about the water bill.

And, lastly, I plan to commute or ride the bus when I can. Some places I have to get to are easily accessible by bus. I already bus to school, and it’s not too bad. This goal is made a little easier by the fact that I don’t have a car, but even when I do have one, I was thinking I could get an EV to limit my carbon footprint.

Each of these are individual goals, but I will still need the support of my community to achieve them. My family would have to participate in household goals for them to be effective, and organizations like Green Redmond are necessary for volunteering. For a next step, maybe I could reach out to green Redmond and begin to become a known volunteer. Or maybe there are other ways to help them out. To reach out, all I have to do is send an email.

My audio is one of the paper bags my family uses as a recycling bin being crumpled up.

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