My goals moving forward

What are my goals moving forward after this class? This is something that I have been thinking about for the past three weeks fairly regularly. After this class I have realized that I do need to start making changes in my life regarding the environment. big and small. Here are the ten things that I am planning to do moving forward

  1. Making a constant effort to stay aware; Now although this one seems fairly small, I believe this is one of the key building blocks for me to move forward. Regarding the environment, I have a tendency to not pay attention and how my actions are effecting it. Making a conscious effort to stay mindful of my actions is the first step to having more realizations on ways I can move forward. That is way it takes the number one spot in my list. without awareness, none of the other things that I mention are possible.
  2. Putting in a fuel efficient chip in my car; This is one of the more expensive things that have made my list. However, It is definitely one of the most significant. There are computer chips that you can have installed in your car to reduce the power, what this also does is make the MPG’s in your car increase significantly.  This is a bit expensive, all together the service will cost around $800.00 to complete. However, seeing as this will also help me save money on gas, it will even out in about a years time.
  3. Activism over the summer; Over the summer I will not be taking classes. This gives me a lot of free time to donate to environmental activism. Thankfully, I have a mother that is incredibly active with helping the environment. In the next two weeks, I will be signing up to help rebuild hiking trails in Montana for a week. This is something that my mother did when she was around my age so I feel very honored to be following her footsteps.
  4. Making a commitment to reconnect with nature; living in the city I don’t have a lot of contact with the wilderness. Over the summer I have made a commitment to myself that I will start hiking again, pick up mountain biking (maybe with BJ) as well as canoeing when I can. Reconnecting with nature is one of the things that I am the most excited about on this list. It is something that I have missed a lot in my life and I am hoping rekindling this relationship will spark more ideas on how I can personally get more involved.
  5. Being more engaged in politics; For the most part, politics have not played a big part in my life. I plan on getting more involved with elections as well as voting for laws that help the preserve the environment.
  6. picking up trash when I see it; This is one of the smaller things that have made the list but even small efforts can make a difference. Moving forward I am making a commitment to myself to pickup trash when I see it and disposing of it when the correct bin is available. This is a small yet manageable thing I can do to keep my commitment of helping the planet. I live in downtown Seattle, so there should never be a shortage of trash to pick up.
  7. walking more; because I live in such a accessible area, there is no reason for me to drive my car everyday. The less I drive, the less CO2 I put in the air. Although this is a relatively small thing to do, I feel this it is important to put on the list. My goal is to walk to every destination that is within two miles of where I am. Now although this seems like quite a distance to walk, I am used to walking long distances and am more than capable of  keeping this commitment to myself. The only exception that I have to this rule is if I am under a time constraint.
  8. Being more mindful of composting and recycling; Making sure that I am putting my trash in the right bin is an easy way for me to help fighting for the planet. if the correct bin is not available, I will hold on to it until I get home to ensure it gets put in the right disposal system.
  9. Talking more with my mother on ways I can get more involved; my mother, Michelle, is an amazing woman. She has dedicated her life to help preserve the planet. She is a key factor in my plans moving forward. Eventually I will run out of ideas. However, with my mother being such a wealth of knowledge I have no doubt that one conversation with her can spark more ideas for me to stay engaged.
  10. Planting trees over the summer; This is something I am very excited about doing. My church offers oprotunities to go into local parks and plant trees. They do the event about once every month or two. I plan on going to many of these events to make sure I am always giving back to the plant.

This is what I mean by building and rebuilding hiking trails


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