Set Your Goals Moving Forward

Some of my goals include: being more informed and being more active . With taking this class it really was a huge learning experience for me. Before I had no idea what fracking water was and how companies were pumping stuff back into the earth and hiding the harm it can do for us humans and wildlife. I had no chance of being an activist before because I was just ill informed about matters. As we near the end of the class I have learned a lot and now know that huge companies are getting loans from banks to build pipelines and do bad horrible things to our environment. Since learning of that I have closed my bank account and started banking with a bank that does not fund that. Even though the bank I go to now is inconvenient for me because it is in the opposite direction of my house. I still feel better about myself letting my old bank know I do not support what they are doing. If no one lets the banks know and big companies know they don’t like what they are doing they will just keep on doing whatever they want. We all can make changes happen If we just back eachother up and stand together against what we believe is wrong.

I plan to be more active for helping the planet by signing initiatives like the one we talked about putting a fee on carbon emissions. Along with finding other ways to help like eating a plant base diet. Little things here and there really do add up. By being mindful of energy I use that could be saved and just being a mindful consumer. After taking this class I have hope about helping the planet exist for longer. From my peers in the class I have learned that just being mindful and helping the planet you are not alone and others along with you are making a difference. Even If it is a little one it still is a difference.

I picked this Ted Talk because Jelmer Mommers brings attention to the warming of the planet. He makes it so that we see global warming as a reachable goal for stopping it. Rather than saying the whole world is just going to blow up. We are all responsible for the emissions of carbon.

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