Get Off My Butt

This class has been extremely eye opening for me. To be completely honest I only took this class because I needed the credits and I really like the interdisciplinary classes. I am very much grateful for taking this class as I think it may have been my most important class so far and one of the most enjoyable classes as well. Well besides the Econ side (sorry BJ) but yeah I’ll just say I won’t be an Econ major…

The most important thing I’ve learned and gained from this class is the fact that I know I really am deep down in need of doing something for our planet and being able to benefit the planet, not just taking it for granted like I have been all my life. One thing I plan to do is work with organizations and groups here locally. I have a friend who is involved with doing volunteer work and has since recommended that I join him, which I will 100% do. I will finally muster up the courage and desire to get off my ass and do something other than just condemn what’s wrong.

That is my biggest goal, actually DO something whether big or small. Of course doing small things is something I am shooting for more as well such as recycling a lot more because I have never given that the proper attention and also something that I think I always took for granted is supporting people, and more specifically companies that have a pro world agenda. I never realized how much I buy from corporations who disregard the planet and pay the least amount of attention to it’s benefit which in turn makes me guilty for doing the same thing as I am supported this companies and corporations. I will try my hardest to stay away from these people and companies and will try my hardest to not support them as well, now that I know what is really going on.

Another goal, which might be my most important is not being afraid and not bottling up my emotions and thoughts on this issue like I have in the past. A lot of times you are in a situation where most people don’t give a damn about the planet so if you say something you’ll be met with glares and the look of a “tree hugger” which I have done in the past I have to admit. I will try to achieve a level of “Kindly fuck off” if you don’t care and let me surround myself with people who do care and want to do something because I have this desire now to do something. These are my goals and I really enjoyed this class and it’s topics I have gained from it.

Below is a speech from Muhammad Ali, which I used to listen to before boxing fights I had years ago, always made me want to achieve goals and strive to be the best I can. What a legend.

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