Future Goals – Jones

Even though I do not consume meat or dairy on a regular basis, committing to veganism is my primary goal. The treatment of animals is important to me and I know that livestock farming is not only abusive to the animal, but is one of the greater contributors to climate change. By removing dairy and meat from my diet entirely, I could reduce my carbon footprint and lessen the demand for livestock. To accomplish this, I’ll educate myself further on a plant-based diet and find meal substitutes at restaurants I go to frequently. Converting my mom and friends to veganism would also make committing easier as we would eat the same things.

Another goal of mine would be to stop using plastic whether it be in bottles, straws, bags, etc.. This plastic ends up in the ocean and is detrimental to marine life. Carrying around a water bottle I can refill or bringing reusable bags to the grocery store would reduce my waste greatly. If I have to use plastic, making sure to recycle would be the best alternative. The main objective is to minimize consumption. Mindless purchasing is what perpetuates the capitalist system, starting with a consumerist want that soon becomes garbage. Most do not think of the amount they dispose of in a day, and the consequences that ensue for the environment. Just by buying fewer items, there would be less trash to be processed.

One thing these chapters did that I appreciated was allow us to recognize what we already do that is successful in environmental mindfulness. To save water, I like to take baths instead of showers especially since I’m not a quick bather. That means less water running down the drain, and I get the same job done. Along with this, I turn off the water while brushing my teeth. Energy wise, both my mom and I like to unplug appliances that we are not using to reduce electricity.

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