My Goals for the Environment

  1. Volunteer in active environment groups
  2. Use public transportation more often
  3. Eat smart

Throughout this course, I’ve learned how human activities are harming the environment. My mistake was the lack of understanding I had about the topic and never sought to educate myself about it. Especially with the final podcast assignment, I’ve reached various organization for interviewing purpose and they guided me to change my lifestyle with some small steps to later grow more as an active environmental protector.

My first goal involves getting to know groups that are desperately seeking new members to continue growing and surpass the dominant ideology in society. As a Mexican American, I did not grow with the culture of protecting our planet through daily activities like recycling and saving light but I’ve definitely learned the basis for changing the lifestyle I’ve always grown up with. Through the summer I’ll volunteer in organizations that have the need to express (on daily basis) solidarity with nature.

The second goal just takes more engagement because I do take public transportation to Bellevue College every day but I use my parent’s car for grocery shopping and doctor’s appointment which needs be managed differently. I will focus more on the practice of riding the bus for personal situations that wouldn’t need the use of a car. However, I do feel the local government should offer more opportunities for the purchases of bus passes to motivate individuals to ride the bus. Knowing that the gas price is increasing rapidly many people might rely on public transportation. I feel this is a great way to contribute to the issues of climate change.

Eating smart not only controls the effects of climate change but also keeps you healthy and energized with essential nutrients and vitamins that our body needs. I will change my grocery shopping list and focus on the greener side of the store to experience the intrinsic value of my contribution. I’ve noticed meat produce is slightly cheaper than organic foods which need to change also. This will make sure people choose fruits and vegetables quite often and might replace the portion of meat. Prices levels are definitely an obstacle for plant-based diets.

At the end of the day, I know my contribution will be helpful which gets me inspired and enthusiastic but making sure my friends and families are informed of this major issue will take place as my biggest priority to help this network of environmental advocates grow. Some of the challenges I might face is getting used to a new culture and lifestyle but the outcomes will always be for sure noticeable within the community. This video makes me reflect on the implications of this issue which is the protection of biodiversity and nature.

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