What does the future hold?


  1. Stay vegan
  2. Spread the vegan message in a positive and inspiring way
  3. Get a degree in something sustainable and environmental
  4. Use my degree to change the world in one way or another
  5. Work for a forward thinking environmental company
  6. Don’t use take away bags, bring my own as much as possible
  7. Walk as many places as possible
  8. Use public transportation as much as possible when walking isn’t an option
  9. Continue to create less waste
  10. Thrift and avoid fast fashion.

The first goal is to stay vegan. I believe that this is the best diet that I can give myself and the best diet for the environment, and I also believe that this is a lifestyle, not a diet. I believe that my lifestyle has shaped me into who I am and what my values are. 

My second goal is to get a degree in urban studies with a minor in environmental studies. At least I think thats what I want to do at this point. Hopefully that doesn’t change, but I know I want to study something in that realm.

The rest of the goals encompass things that are intended to lighten my footprint on the earth. I think that as an individual, this is an important thing that I can do in my every day life.

I selected these goals because I am curious and passionate. I don’t know nearly as much as I want to and im hoping that I can gain experiences and connections through studying this further. 

I face the challenge of not being a strong reader. I tend to learn more through experiences and doing things rather than reading about them, so I’m hoping that what I experience is hands on, not text book heavy. 

Overall, I think the way people can help me is by staying open minded. Theres nothing that frustrates me more than when people refuse to take new or different information and have concrete mindsets. I think we all need to take info in as we get it, and keep moving forward.


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