My vows

I vow to do what I can in spreading education on the impacts that human actions are having on our planet. While I like many others initially try to avoid learning about these topics, because well they are pretty depressing and usually illuminate your actions in a very negative light. My brother, my father, and his fiancee were the primary people who educated me on these issues and i will be eternally grateful, and I want to be able to do the same thing others in my life.

Planning on going in to the political sphere myself, I have been looking for ways to get involved for a while now. After this class and educating myself on the climate crisis it is definitely a topic I am very passionate about.  So I think i have found a very good starting point for my political activism. I am going to reach out to the gentleman who visited our class today and see if there is an opportunity for me to get involved with initiative 1631. When it comes to this goal the only thing that can stop me is myself, their are endless groups that i could get involved with, and I plan on doing it.

But my primary goal for my future engagement with the climate crisis has to be to stay as educated on the impact on all of my actions on the environment. I think that in order for anyone to be a responsible citizen of this planet they must be aware of the impact they have on the planet. To that point I trust myself to do everything within my power to help in the fight for the planet. Once I educated myself on the impact i was having on the planet eating meat, the decision to switched to a plant based diet, actually wasn’t really a decision at all, I simply knew what had to be done and I made the change. There are a lot of obstacles in this goal because well their is a lot of propaganda out from the fossil fuel industry that will do whatever they can to keep the public from learning the truth about their impact on the planet. On top of that, I’m sure there a bunch of my actions that are contributing to the climate crisis i just have no idea about it yet, and need to strive to look in to the effects of all my actions. I think this is the most important of my goals because it is very easy to stick to life as usual if you don’t ┬árecognize what you are doing wrong. While ignorance is bliss in this case ignorance will lead to the end of the world as we know it.

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