Set Your Goals Moving Forward

There are many goals I have for my future but some of them are more important than other in my opinion.  One of the goals I have for my future is starting a company although I already own the rights to a company it hasn’t taken off and I need to work a little harder at it.  Not only would I like more employees at my company but I would like to help start up a few more companies in my lifetime.  It is something I think I would find fun and interesting that would satisfy my need for change and prosperity in a company.  I would love to see my company grow into itself and keep on the track to being something big and this isn’t for the money but my legacy, I would love to have affected a multitude of people in a positive way through my lifetime.

I think one of the ways I can start accomplishing these goals of affecting a lot of people in a positive way and growing a company is to start small and work my way up.  I have set small mile stones to help me accomplish this huge task.  Everyday I hope to affect people in a more positive way then negative and in return I hope it will inspire others to make the same types of decisions.  Another way I plan on accomplishing these goals is to start up a few companies at once and work a little bit in each of them after I finish my schooling.

I selected these goals from when I was younger and wanted to affect the world in a big way.  A positive way which is sometimes much harder than affecting it in a negative way.  It is important to me because I have to think about what kind of legacy I want to leave behind and I would love to honor everyone that believed in me and thought I could make a positive impact on society.

I am very enthusiastic that I can do this because I feel like I have a lot backing me.  There are people that would love and have told me I am going to fail but I feel like I have a generally pretty positive community backing me with some very valuable resources at my disposal.

There are many challenges I may face like not enough funding or maybe I won’t impact enough people in the way I would like too.  I feel like many of these things I will have to manage and hurdle over as they come because I can’t win if I worry about every downfall there might be I have to see what is.  As I have said I have a great backing of people and I think I have many valuable assets that can help me in many different areas I just need to be able to reach out to them and ask them for help when it comes to those issues.


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