Set Your Goals Moving Forward


Today, I shared 10 goals that I wrote down for my own engagement in the fight to save the planet to my peer whose name is Jerry. Those ten goals were selected based on my background and the research that I have done. When I was chatting with Jerry, I told him it isn’t an easy task to accomplish these goals because it takes time to do it. One of my ten goals is to save electric energy by turning off the lights when it is needed and try to use LED light bulbs. My plan is to go to an electric supply store to buy LED light bulbs and turn off the lights during the day. Another goal might be bringing my own bags to the store, so I don’t have to use plastic bags. This goal can be accomplished by ordering reusable shopping bags. The reason why I think these goals are important to me is because these goals are easy to do but hard to insist. Take reusable shopping bags as an example, it is very easy to bring a reusable bag to a market. However, it would be difficult to do it all the time. My point is if I can save as much plastic bags by using reusable shopping bags, then the goal can be accomplished. I think these goals can make me feel enthusiastic because if I can do something little by little to save our planet. There isn’t a challenge for my goals. The only challenge would be to choose where to buy LED light bulbs. Technically speaking, there are many electric stores in Seattle WA. The best one might be Home Depot, so this is the place where I should go and buy my light bulbs. My family can help me to reach these goals, especially the reusable  LED light bulb goals by using reusable shopping bags when they go shopping.


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