Activist Hope

Now I really want to explore more issues related to the climate change and see those issues through the perspectives of political economy. I did not know how much I did not interact with the things happening around me such as the transportation&transportation, the headlines of news on my phone, and ideological ideas that I unconsciously practice for my daily small decisions by thinking about the future outcomes of the ongoing climate change. I now think I understand how much I needed the education and take some guiding steps for becoming aware of those important, but invisible issues.

I became more interested in farming and new technology that would bring more hope for this serious situation. I am also more passionate about exploring my country’s issues because I realized I just did not know so many things about Japanese politics and economy. (The country has so many problems but also I feel there will be a greater hope too for me because I am Japanese!)

My goal is to know, visit, and meet people who are aware of those issues. I believe that meeting and being surrounded by people who are keen on exploring more hope and possibilities will uplift my own conscious and actions into the next stages. I became aware of the seriousness and something behind the problem (economics and politics) but don’t actually know what to exactly do for the rest of my life. But I want to devote my time and energy for that. Therefore, I will go out and see, explore by myself. For example, I will experience farming and staying in rural, ecologically thriving areas for a short term. I found several groups and websites that introduce working holidays and how living in countrysides is like. They caught my attention and curiosity so much! I have lived in both cities and natural areas but most of my older life was in cities so I feel like experiencing and recalling the life in the countryside again at some points. Probably I can observe how the society and people’s efforts in community shape their living more accurately than before as a child using the knowledge I gained in this quarter. It’s just really intriguing!

Yes, I need to be overwhelmed by the facts throughout this quarter, to be aware. However, to become an activist and be a part of the global environmental justice movement, I just need to activate my hope like exploring my intrinsic curiosity that I came up with by some activities in the book. I feel so grateful that I could come to where I am now even though I don’t have much power and knowledge yet! Thank you 🙂

Video and photo were took in Whidbey Island when I visited friends who are pretty much serving their lives in their handmade house by farming. They cooked special green curry made of their fresh whole foods for us (in picture!) Nice life! I’ll definitely visit there again, with more knowledge and curiosity than before.


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