Future Goals

Goals for the future:

A lot of the goals that I can think of have a lot to do with the environment and doing my part to have less of an impact, as well as just being able to escape in the natural world more often.

  1. Go Vegan
  2. Start living a more “zero waste” lifestyle and just stop using plastic products entirely
  3. Get a degree in environmental science
  4. Bike, walk or use public transportation more often
  5. Hike more often
  6. Help spread the accessibility of eco-friendly lifestyles to more people
  7. Go camping with friends more often, and spend more time outside with friends, instead of being inside together
  8. Volunteer more often
  9. Use less fast fashion
  10. Buy more of my food from local farms

Over the past couple of year my life has become pretty much centered around environmentalism. I have learned a lot the true consequences of living a modern, middle class, first world lifestyle for the environment. Since finding this out, I cannot go back to living in the same way that I did before gaining the knowledge. This particularly pertains to the “zero waste” lifestyle, recently I learn about where landfill garbage goes and the true cost of putting items into the landfill. Before I learned about landfills, and how the items that end up in landfills, will pretty much be there for the rest of time, I was shocked. It seems so obvious, but I had never considered it at all, that the plastic fork that I use for 5 minutes will never leave the earth, it will just continue to harm life, and that plastic is harmful for its whole life cycle. When plastic is created it releases toxic gasses in to the air and it continues to do harm. Realizing these things was a wake call for me, and ever since that point I have been working I’m reducing the amount of landfill waste and I create, but there’s still much more than I can do.

My other goals are largely based around wanting to have less of a negative impact on the planet, and getting more into nature, because whenever I spend long amounts of time in nature I feel really rejuvenated.

The image I chose is one that I actually took today, when a few of my friends and I went to Whidbey Island to visit some old friends. It was really cool to catch up with these people I love in such a beautiful setting. We had a campfire and we snag a song that we always sing whenever we have campfires so that is the song that I chose, it is Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show.

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