Don’t be so hard on yourself but enjoy it

Today, I’m going to share my habits to achieve my personal goals and engage in the environmental problems. Typical goals for people to reduce their pollution, they would say they prefer walking or biking to driving a car, bring their own bags to go to grocery store, or turning off electric devices when they do not use them. But, I think those goals are ridiculous because I don’t believe they will achieve those goals. It doesn’t mean they are liers, or they don’t think the problems seriously. IT IS HARD OBVIOUSLY. People don’t have spaces to think about the environment if they don’t afford a nice life. I don’t think typical American people can use transportation, walking, and biking because stopping using a car will cause their life cycle worse such as delay. So, my goals are pretty simple, but some people might think I am gross, but I don’t care because it gives me less ashame when I speak English than speak my mother tongue.

  1. Pee in the shower
  2. Know the efficient way of using utility
  3. Plant more greens like herb
  4. Keep updating the information about environmental changes
  5. Use things which reduce the pollution
  6. Influence people to care about the earth and environment

I’ve not said the first one to someone because I understand it was kind of gross. I was so surprised when I saw the sentences on the Refinery29 on Instagram which account is about “a modern woman’s destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life. ” I think this is the easiest and the most efficient way to save something with a little effort. I highly recommend this because pee is just water. Ironically, many people believe turning on the light every time they use the light, however, it takes more cost to turn on the light than keep the light, so keeping turning is better when they don’t use the light for a short time. We don’t need to care about light every time. The misunderstanding often can happen, so it is important to update the information and check oneself that our knowledge is correct nowadays.

At the end, when I make complaints that it is useless to do something for the earth just one person, but the listener will say it is better than nothing! Even though it is a small effort, tons of people do that, then it has meaning! However, I don’t believe it. I like the nature and I want to care of it, but it can’t be a reason other people can do anything without caring the earth. Therefore, I’d like to influence people on other people, for example, I upload the link to the video of “loliware” which is a company of creating eadible cups! If people attend the party or networking event, then found this edible cups, what will happen to their mind? They would get interested in the environmental problems positively. This is what I want to do. I don’t have the creativity or the political power, but I want to encourage people who engage to the environment and work hard on that problems.

We are the human being who has been destroying the environment, but approximately, we are the human being, so we can’t continually force yourself to do nice things to the earth. It is important to solve environmental issue, but we need to find a way what we can do for sustainability.

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