Blog #10 – Setting My Goals Moving Forward

I’ve been sitting in front of my monitor for a little too long thinking about this blog post. I want to set big lofty goals that would make me look virtuous like going completely vegan and living in the woods or something.

I’ve already made a lot of changes to the way I live my daily life to lessen my impact. I think the goals that I need to set for myself right now are not directly about participating more in the fight to save the planet.  My goals need to be about addressing the obstacles that are holding me back from participating more fully than I already am.

The one obstacle that’s become most glaringly obvious to me these past couple quarters is that I’m prone to despair. I’m not able to focus on the solutions because I’m still too overwhelmed by the problem to be of any real use. My work right now needs to be focused on sorting myself out. I need to find better ways to maintain my energy and enthusiasm. I don’t have a list of specific action items in place yet, I haven’t gotten that far. I think what I need to do is focus on the problems around me in my daily life that I can fix and fix them. I need to build momentum and belief that I can have an impact on things even if it’s in little ways. Additionally, I could practice reaching out for support when I need to instead of trying to fix everything on my own. I recognize that part of the reason I might be stuck is because I’ve reached the limit of what my current knowledge and skills can do for me. I could use a fresh perspective and someone else’s insights.

If I’m going to participate more fully in the fight to save the planet I need to keep fixing things in my own life that I can fix and to not be afraid of getting support from others.

The audio I chose was a bit from one of Jordan Peterson’s lectures that I found helpful.

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