Set Your Goals Moving Forward (Week 10 Blog)

One of my goals is to study for a profession that is environmentally beneficial, or at the very least not environmentally destructive. Before accomplishing this goal, I still need to figure out what I want to do for a living, so I should take as many classes I want to find something that I enjoy doing and figure out if there’s a way to do that profession in an environmentally beneficial way, for an example instead to an economist being an environmental economist. The way I selected these goals is from all the readings we did for class which motivated me to be more helpful with the environment, yet still, have a successful career. This goal is important to me because I believe that there’s just no reason not to help the environment if we can do it for a living and help the next generations. What makes me enthusiastic about my goals is that I also believe that with recognition and learning of the environmental crisis, environmentally beneficial jobs would be valuable financially and needed more of. Some challenges that I would face before meeting this goal are jobs with a lot higher wage but harming the environment. Others could help me and motivate me to do this.

I couldn’t find or record a brief piece of audio that represents one or more of your goals because i had no idea of what audio could represent my goals.

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