Set Your Goals Moving Forward – Laurel

(Featured photo was taken at Mu Ko Lanta National Park in Thailand.  Before the start of this class)

I have been so blessed by this class!  As I was thinking about what to write for this blog, I reflected on the impact it had on my development of thought towards our economy, pollical movements and environment.  BJ and David, I thank you for combining forces and making the “Fighting For the Planet” class to happen – it has been one of the most impactful classes for me, truthfully!

Saying this, I have some commitments that I hope to make going forward:

  1. Become an Activist in my community.  As mentioned in Active Hope I hope to broaden the definition of activism for human and environmental rights. This quarter has been an eye-opener in the fact that knowing what is going on in our world is important in the act of decision making for us individually, our community, and our planet.  I hope that as I develop and grow, I can become an engaged activist in the community – and encourage and make known the situations taking place.
  2. Recycle, and encourage others to recycle.  This quarter I made a project to reduce my own use of plastic and to encourage my coworkers to use less.  I work at a mall that has no separation of recycling from trash, meaning that for the whole mall there are only trash bins. The only form of recycling that is collected is in a compactor behind the mall that is only accessible by employees. For my store alone, I chose to purchase a separate recycling bin so that we could separate our own plastic waste into recycling.  I also bought myself reusable lunch containers, utensils, and brought in my own tumbler for when our store gets coffee (which is almost daily).  My own contribution at work for plastic waste has gone down a ton since making these actions, and I encourage my team to do the same – which they have!  More of my employees have been bringing in their own reusable utensils for eating and bringing in their own water bottle to shrink our contributions of plastic waste on our planet.
  3. Driving less.  I drive a ton to school, then work, then to all the activities around the state. Finding ways to carpool with friends, take the bus, and cycling are all things I plan on being more intentional about. In high school, before I owned a car – I would literally cycle or bus (or both) to all the places I needed to go.  I know that I can create a rhythm of making this a priority.
  4. Be weary in the items I purchase.  I recently released that the sunscreen I purchase probably has horrible chemicals in it that harms the oceans – I never thought about it!  Makeup, lotions, packaging for items, and clothing can come from sources of production that I don’t believe in.  For example, most chocolate is produced using child labor, and if you do some research there are chocolate companies (not the big corporations) that strive to only sell Fair Trade Certified chocolate.
  5. Eat less, mostly plants.  This has been taking effect in the last couple months to eat more organically and wholly.  Eating less meat and more plants as an everyday staple will help the environment by making a smaller carbon footprint while also improving my own health.  While in Thailand I ate a ton of veggies (all home cooked and prepared) and felt the healthiest in my diet than I did back home. Inspired, I came home with the motivation to cook most of my meals at home with little meat and mostly plants.


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