Week 10 – Set Your Goals Moving Forward

This blog post is going to be one of the harder blog posts for me, it’s really hard for me to write about myself, and especially my goals. I never know what is a realistic goal for myself, and I’m incredibly bad at keeping goals.

I guess one goal for myself is to start eating more plant based products than animal products. I used to be vegetarian before so it can’t be that hard to do again. I already have a bunch of resources to support myself and I know lots of good places to eat and brands to buy. My really close friend is a vegan and she was the one that educated me on the world of a plant based diet. She really likes to help people get into a plant based diet because she is an activist. She works with 2 groups: Vegetarians of Washington, and Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN). I used to be involved with the first group, but stopped being vegetarian around the time that my friend had gotten into NARN. I’m choosing this goal because I have done it before and I know I can succeed in it. I also know that factory farming is one of the biggest contributors to the environmental crisis, I even wrote a 7 page research paper on the effects of factory farming for the environment, communities, and health. I think the main problem I am going to face with being vegetarian is the inconvenience of it. My household eats meat still and it’s just hard to prepare your own meals when youre so used to your family doing it (SO juvenile, I know!!). I do also get a lot of comments from my family because they think it’s so unnecessary to do this and that it “won’t have an impact on anything”. But I was able to do it before so I’m sure I can do it again.

The song I chose was “With a Little Help From My Friends” by The Beatles, although I’m pretty sure the song is about drugs, I thought the name was very fitting and I really love The Beatles.

*The link to the song includes Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band as well because I couldn’t find a link to the song by itself.

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