Set Your Goals Moving Forward

Reflecting back on this quarter, taking this class has opened my mind and inspired me. My primary goal is to stay educated on this topic, and from there I can apply my knowledge and get involved. By doing this, I can ask myself questions like “what can I do about ___?” Sometimes it may be hard to feel motivated because the fight for the planet is such a large project with many forces acting against it. Keeping myself educated will keep me motivated and inspired. Hearing stories about what others are doing is extremely motivating. With that being said, another one of my goals is to join some sort of activism group. By surrounding myself with people who share the same interests as me, this will also help me stay motivated and inspired. Community efforts can be powerful, and being part of one would be empowering.

Another one of my goals is a life goal, but can easily be applied to this subject. I struggle with time management; I’m a procrastinator. Educating myself doesn’t have a due date, but it is something that I need to do if I want to fight for our planet. I need to just do it! The video below explains what is going on in my mind, and one of my goals is to start chasing my dreams sooner rather than later.

A few other goals that I have are drive less and be aware of what I am consuming. I have many places to go, and its so easy to jump in my car and go. Riding my bike or walking somewhere at least three times a week is what I’m going to aim for. Not only will I reduce my gas usage, I will also become more fit. Bonus points? Carpooling as often as possible when I do need to drive somewhere is also one of my goals. I want to be more aware of what I am consuming because what I consume shows what I support.

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