Talk to Someone Engaged

For this blog post, I talked to Nicole Marcotte, a employee at Forterra. Forterra is a nonprofit organization that mainly focuses on forest restoration projects. I did feel like I had trouble finding someone engaged. I completed my community service with Green Redmond who partners with Forterra, so I did call the number provided which is how I talked with Nicole. I couldn’t talk to her in person, so the interview was done over the phone. Below is a portion of the interview.

I knew that Forterra was involved with removing invasive species and other forest restoration projects, so when I talked to Nicole this didn’t come as a surprise. What surprised me is the next question of the interview. I ask her if she had faced any difficulties from being engaged. Education and funding were the only difficulties she said she had faced with her work. I think I expected something more because of the other stories that I heard about people overcoming opposition because their are fighting for nature’s rights. I think that maybe development and urbanization would have been a obstacle that Forterra has faced due to their work, but nothing was said.

During the interview, Nicole mostly talked about Forterra and its mission. I didn’t get to know her as much as I would have liked to, and what she felt her personal impact on the environment was as well as her work with Forterra. I think I could have asked more individual questions in addition to questions about Forterra to initiate more conversation about her personal impact.

Overall, I think that Nicole and Forterra have a good cause, but I have to disagree with her that she is doing enough. I think that forest restoration is important and a step towards saving the environment, but I don’t think it’s the key to solving our climate crisis. I do believe that the work she does is helpful and necessary, but I do feel like its not enough.

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