The oceans cover 70%of the earth’s surface, making the ocean play a huge role in the environment and economic activity all over the world.

I chose to do this topic for my podcast because oceans are the basis for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and recreational activities, such as fisheries, shipping, and sailing.

Scientists estimate that nearly 10-30% of the world’s coral reefs have been permanently lost; while 70% are threatened. Coral reefs are lost at a rate currently higher than rainforest depletion, and studies suggest that up the Indo-Pacific Ocean loses 3168 square kilometers (1223 square miles).

The shipping industry plays a huge role in our modern day globalized economy because it is the way that 90% of things travel to us. The biggest global seafarers union, the ITF (international transport workers federation) every year has to chase at least 30 million dollars in wages that are simply not being paid.

The key to getting our ocean back to functioning the way it should is to get away from using fossil fuels for energy. Which we should start with cargo ships first, since 90% of all our things are shipped that way. Ships being used as the most convenient and used transportation for goods makes it really hard because not only are the ships polluting the water but the air too.

If we really want to change for the better we need to start with transportation.  We need to work on methods that will be convenient and not harmful to our environment. That way we can ship our goods easily and more companies will use that method. We also need to make the method cost effective or else we will just continue to use big cargo ships.

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