Hi guys, I wish i could make it to the listening party but I’m going to be busy doing unspeakable things at the Paradiso!

So with my podcast, my goal was to first off give some back ground on the Seattle Farm Co-op. I wanted to detail the organization of the co-op as well as try and get a look in to what comes along with being a member of the co-op. I think i did a decent job of detailing the organization of the co-op while i think i missed some key aspects of how decisions are made. Sadly the Audio i got from that portion of the interview was pretty poor, and with the time requirements, I figured it would be better to leave it out. I also wanted to detail some of the struggles that go along with running a co-op in a capitalist society, which i think i did a pretty good job of. The second half of the podcast I wanted to get an insiders opinion on how co-ops could be used in the fight to save the planet. Thanks to my awesome guests on the Podcast, Gretchen and Ed from the Seattle Farm Co-op, I think I got a great look in to the ways that co-ops can fight climate change.

What I would do differently if i were to start over would probably be to think about the final product from the beginning. I think if I had considered the time constraints and the story i wanted to tell, i could have asked more direct questions in my interview, to shape a bit better of a story.

Sources: I interviews Gretchen and Ed from the Seattle Farm Co-op, because I was very intrigued by the idea of Co-ops and i wanted to learn more about them. Then When i did some research on Co-ops in the Seattle area, i found the Seattle farm co-op and David actually put me in touch with Gretchen. Thank you David!!

I got some information off of the Seattle farm co-op website, the power points we had on co-ops, and the back to the landers reading.

I think my favorite portion of the podcast was probably 4:10-5:10, Enjoy!


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