John de Graaf Podcast on Consumerism

For my podcast I spoke to John de Graaf, environmental author and documentarian.

I wanted to speak to him about how consumerism affects the climate, global warming and climate change. This was the story I wanted to tell.  How carbon use has increased, not just in the US but in just about all parts of the world.

Consumerism is a very large part of this.  Especially in the US where we buy so many cheap, disposable goods mainly produced in China where the wages are low to keep prices down creating a carbon nightmare. They are burning fossil fuels so much that in cities like Beijing and Shanghai one must wear a face mask due to the massive pollution in the air.

This was a great and fun interview as he is such a great resource on this subject and has so much valuable information. Our total interview was over 1 hour in length.  There were so many great questions that I didn’t get to include in this podcast as I had to cut it for time.

I didn’t really face any challenges in this interview.  I spoke to him after he came to BC to present his video “Redefining Prosperity” about the rivers in Nevada City, CA.   He agreed to meet me for this interview after our chat.

The archival material I obtained, with Mr. De Graaf’s permission was an excerpt from his documentary Affluenza. I was able to rent this video from a King County Library to view.  Later, I found the video online and was able to extract the one minute of audio for this podcast.

I also read his book “What’s the economy for, Anyway?” to get inspiration on how to approach this interview and to get an idea of the questions I should ask him.

Overall, a fun experience and I am glad that this was our final project.

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