Youth Agency in the Climate Justice Movement

My goal for this podcast was to share my story about my environmental activism as well as able to share the activism of other young people. My inspiration for the podcast was the organization I founded in high school, Schools Under 2C, I wanted to be able to share the story of young people being involved in the climate justice movement, because I think it’s an uplifting one. Hearing about other young people’s stories about their environmental activism is really inspiring to me, and I hope to others, so I wanted to share. Schools Under 2C, is also something I’m really proud of, I was the president of the organization and one of the founding members. Our program is now in schools around the planet, and it’s helping to educate people that they can have a positive impact. I got to interview my best friends, and who I started the organization with, which was also fun.

The only real obstacle I faced in realizing my vision was that it was too big, I feel I could talk about Youth agency in the environmental movement for days, so cutting it down to just 7 minutes was hard.

I interviewed my two best friends, Vanessa Chung and Alissa Acheson who are co-founders with me, of Schools Under 2C.

I wish I could’ve included archival audio of the children’s march, because I think it would be really powerful but sadly that does not exist.

I found my material through some basic research, already knew the topics that I wanted to cover, so my research was mostly just getting facts. I used articles for many of my sources and I also used the website for the organizations that I talked about.

The image I chose is of my friend Vanessa, one of the people I interviewed, and me with someone from the EPA, I don’t remember what his name is. But this is an image of the two of us receiving the 2016 Presidents Environmental Youth Award, in DC at the EPA headquarters, we won the award because of our work with Schools Under 2C.

My sources are

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