Taxing Meat?

I was really curious to see if a meat tax would actually be effective in our society I haven’t done a ton of research about it, but I know that there is now a sugar tax on sugary drinks in Seattle. I know that some of the people that I’ve talked to recently about it haven’t changed their behavior. For most of the people that im surrounded by, ten cents isn’t a significant amount; if a soda or some other drink was once $2.00 and now its $2.10, I personally wouldn’t sweat it. However, based on some of the research that I did, many people spoke about how they just naturally gravitate away from red meat because its expensive as it is, so I think that adding a tax would continue to drive people away from the consumption of meat (beef in particular). 

What I want to explain is that there is significant research supporting the fact that animal agriculture is bad for the environment. The second point I wanted to make was the idea that a meat tax could actually change peoples’ behavior. Where things get sticky is that a tax like this has next to a zero percent probability to be imposed. This industry has so much money pumped into it and so many people that are gaining leverage don’t even believe in climate change. 

I feel that I have realized my vision. I think that public speaking anxiety made things hard.

Again, I interviewed my dad. He is Chief Economist, and I don’t exactly know what that means but he is technically a professional.

I found an speech from Peter Signer talking about imposing a meat tax and why its important. He is an animal rights activist so he is obviously biased, but there are facts behind his arguments. I think one really important part of his argument that I didn’t touch on in my podcast is the fact that animal agriculture has strong ties to our health care system. Meat has been shown to cause many health issues that lead to a surge in health care costs. This is something that I really would love to dig into more.

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