Deforestation- Final Podcast

Throughout this course, I learned many useful things that need to change in my life but also the policy-making in our government-who are reacting slowly to the issues of climate change. The goal of my podcast is to explain the action the American government must take because of our environment has had enough harm and damage. Many countries are opened to work with us to save trees from deforestation as they have the opportunity to rely on them for funded if that’s the issue that many anti-environmental politics argue. However, the fact that most of our government expense goes towards the military just demonstrate the lack of instability we are currently experiencing regarding the budget for the nation.  My goal needed to accomplish with first explain the essential factors that trees provide to all living things then bring awareness of many policies that Asia and Europe have placed and finally to exploring fighters for the planet in our local area.

Some challenges for me was simply researching- not because of the task but I had to realize the lack of moral connection many people tend to have in doing those methods however I did encounter with testimonies from others that just have this job temporarily because they don’t have the satisfaction of killing our most precious creatures but instead have a household to feed. I believe most of my goals and plans for the assignment were successfully met however if I were to start fresh I would’ve to manage time differently and reduced the content according to the given requirements for the project also reach out to others for support in arranging the audio. I had my podcast changes deleted twice in trying to learn how the program worked. I did feel very engaged and passionate during the process of my podcast that caused the set standards to faded away which converted the audio into a 15-minute range.

I interviewed Katherine Holmes, the field director of Washington Environmental Council. I was curious about learning more about their purpose with the planet since I’ve heard they been very active in placing programs and arranging regulation for Washington State in conversing a clean forest management and working with landowners to keep trees alive. They don’t necessarily focus on deforestation only but I conducted the interview according to the topic of my podcast.  Their strong engagement in marine life, clean energy, and the quality of air inspired me so much and I felt the urge to communicate them and speak to them personally. Many topics were covered in the interview… starting from the personal background of Katherine and in what time of her life did she engagement with nature and the community. Afterward, we shifted to the mission of WEC and the important actions they’re taking that are currently in place for legislation changes. I formulated all the material beforehand from just brief scanning through their purpose statement online; I prepare some questions but it wasn’t my priority because I figure the ideal interview should be a natural conversation with a smooth exchange of opinions.



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