The People On Climate Change

Final Podcast

I guess that on some level I got sick of hearing the opinions of “experts”. At all points, our systemic problems could all be solved provided that all people decide to stop working. In this way we are the greatest force in the political economy. Never fully responsible yet constantly capable. In light of this information a person might think that our problems ought to be solved as of now. However, the dynamic I just painted is far too generalized and ignores a few key factors. For one, the real protest is to give up your security, it’s easy to go to a march not so easy to risk your child losing their daily meals. Secondly, all of us as people are working with fundamentally different information, regardless of the fact that we all participate in the same economy. Language is entirely subjective on all levels. This is the point that was most strongly reinforced for me in doing this podcast. A single term has a multitude of interpretations, functioning in any and every person’s very specific structured way of navigating the world. 

This is what I wanted to investigate, how climate change, a problem that for many is only heard of in media exists in our individual worldviews. I tried to stick to the most fundamental questions as to not reduce participation and to try and touch on a variety of topics. I taped a sign to my chest, went downtown, and interviewed people at bus stops. I tried to include all walks of life with an emphasis on people that the media pretends doesn’t exist. The interviews include homeless people, people with physical disabilities, former military medics, people in working attire and far more categorizations than I can mention. The formatting of the podcast is something of an audio collage. I wanted to replicate the sounds of archival and worn-down footage as well as the feel that dream sequences bring. There is some meaning in the clips I chose, somewhat of a conversation but nothing too on the nose. This is not supposed to be about my thoughts it’s a portrayal of our discussions. All the sounds aside from the songs were created by myself using synthesizers and other music production software. The is a full version at 55 minutes and an abridged version sits around 7 minutes and a half. Have fun. 


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